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We specialize in developing websites for budgetary and municipal institutions because we know how to save you time and offer solutions that benefit society in real-time.


From a consultation and a website audit to a new, efficient website

Accessible for people with disabilities

We design our website with all members of society in mind

 A disability-friendly website is a responsible approach on the part of the institution.

We all have the right to access all public information about public bodies and their functions and up-to-date information online. We will make digital information accessible, so that users can conveniently access the data they need, regardless of disability or individual ability.

Our websites are adapted for the visually impaired, the hearing impaired and the elderly.

A secure website

The website must be accessible to all and secure

We build websites based on the highest security standards. This is ensured by testing with tools from the National Cyber Security Centre in Lithuania.

 The scan searches for known vulnerabilities, checks the site’s content management systems, assesses the risk of remote administration settings, etc. Applying the recommended measures further strengthens your website and prevents potential threats.

Cookies module integration

Cookies, consent, and choices for visitors

Integrating a cookies module into the website will help protect users’ data from falling into the hands of unscrupulous people. We do everything we can to ensure that the website is not only well-designed but also safe and functional for all sections of society.

Reach out

Let's find out your needs and become partners

We could go on for a very long time about your options, but we suggest you save time and arrange a meeting right away.

We are experts in our field, helping institutions find effective solutions.

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Website development Maintenance

Standard website

A modern website for the region, small in size and traffic: easy to administer, attractive design.
up to 1800EUR
  • Modern design
  • Easy to administer
  • Option of newsletter
  • Content posting on social networks
  • No additional obligations

Unique solution

The website not only looks modern but is also automated, with data processing modules in place: a fast-acting website for high traffic, photography of teams, objects, premises, additional training
up to 3800EUR
  • Automation solutions
  • Modern design
  • Data processing modules
  • All the benefits described on the left

Technical maintenance

We'll maintain the website's security and carry out regular technical support.
80 EUR/ month
  • We will reply to your enquiry within 24 hours
  • Development work (1 hour)
  • Cookies maintenance and updates
  • Maintaining compatibility for people with disabilities
  • New website design every year
  • Trainings

Modernization and maintenance

Implementing new features and maintaining content.
250 EUR/ month
  • Updates to keep website modern
  • Automation of newsletter content and delivery
  • We will create your website content
  • We will reply to your enquiry within 8 hours
  • Development work (5 hours)
  • Updating the list of cookies
  • Free consultations, training (1 day)
  • Maintenance of compatibilities for the disabled
No long-term contracts or sky-high prices for upgrades

You can manage the website yourself, we don’t charge for “maintenance” services and we don’t charge exorbitant fees for upgrades because the content management system we use is open source.