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We create innovative websites for public sector institutions that communicate in a language close to their audience. Interactivity, clarity, and adaptability to all social groups are essential criteria for a modern website. Today – with artificial intelligence.

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Website development

Interactive solutions, we create the complete online presence of your institution.


We will adapt the website for the visually and hearing impaired users

Institutions marketing

Public sector efforts and ambitions that deserve to be shown widely.

Tobalt academy

We offer free consultations, trainings and share experiences in a closed group.


Time booking system

Manage your stakeholder consultation intelligently. With this feature, staff and website visitors can coordinate the timing of a visit or online chat.

Mini websites

If you want to reach your target audience, it's easier to do it by creating content for a specific event or deadline than trying to fit everything into one single website.

Events platform

The Events platform is a new project of our team, where we have brought together the events of city libraries, cultural centers and other public institutions in one place. Public institution's creativity needs to be noticed.

Security & speed

Cyber security threats can lurk if we don't know if a website is secure. We will find and help you solve the security problems of websites of public sector bodies and associations.

Automatic voiceover

Users can not only read, but also listen to information about your institution's activities using artificial intelligence solutions.

Got ideas?

If you're facing challenges in your institution that you think could be solved by technology - contact us and we may be able to implement a solution for you for free.

Inspired by customers
Free consultations
International experience
7 years' experience with the public sector
Meets institutional requirements
One year warranty
40% less price on average

Why should you?

Your entity will have better engagement

We know that many public sector bodies create significant value in their region, so we want them to have functional and long-lasting tools that are used around the world.


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