Digital Marketing


Let’s talk about the best ways to publicize your institution.

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Digital Marketing

Adding value? Wonderful, but is it visible? We tailor publicity solutions for institutions to attract visitors to their events, education or website. We recommend combining the writing and publishing of articles with proper social media management. Yes, we also provide this service. Meet your annual goals and get noticed!

Most institutions still do not make use of the possibilities to generate content about their activities. Are you among them? We have the expertise to publish the content generated, automate the publicity steps and reach the target audiences.

Maintenance of social networks - In a proper way

Publicity for target audiences

Website corrections using SEO methodology

Using the platforms we have developed

Partner network in Scandinavian countries

Finland, Sweden and Denmark

Share what you have and we'll take care of the rest.

We'll be back with feedback and, hopefully, new projects to boost your institution's performance in the region.

We have a network of partners interested in finding out about events and sites in Lithuania for their historical value or unique features.

We have the opportunity to publicize the benefits generated by the institutions directly to foreign institutions, avoiding exhibitions or other time-consuming presentations.

Government institutions design and development