Website development

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Website development

A well-functioning website is what an institution needs to properly publicise its activities – from events and news to documents.

It should be your institution’s business card, the most relevant news source for the people of the region or city. We focus on the online image of the public sector and on improving the efficiency of employees. We know what makes a functional, easy to manage and optimised website.

Web development has long been our core business. We have a wealth of experience in this field and today we can offer the best solution for your institution’s goals.

We comply with the requirements for websites of public authorities and confidently offer a 12-month guarantee.

Institutional requirements

for the websites of municipal bodies are met

Easy to upgrade

Easily manageable for employees

Developed on a modular basis

We create each website and its design individually, uniquely and with a strong focus on making it work. We don’t waste time with fancy terms (UI/UX, CTA, SEO, etc.) – we’ll implement it all at once so you can enjoy a functional and modern website.

Information on public bodies

We all have the right to access online all public information about public bodies and their functions, up-to-date information.
We will make information accessible so that users can conveniently access the data they need, regardless of disability or individual ability.


Web solutions based on the needs of your visitors, which you can modify without a programmer.

Reasonable budget

The right solutions cannot exceed the budget

Responsive design

We make sure your website looks right

Frequently asked questions

AI is integrated into website management, so you can use it to create headlines, text, and even queries to generate code.

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