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Can't find a professional ?

A common situation: isn’t the right specialist available in your region when you need one? Let’s talk about remote maintenance.

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Maintenance of websites

Maintaining websites is not a difficult task, at least if the website was designed by us. However, if the website has not been developed by our team, or if your needs are more extensive, we will advise you on how to manage your websites and also will provide website maintenance services so that you can take care of your larger goals.

Send the information to a dedicated email address and the person assigned to your institution will regularly update the website with changes and additions.

In addition, you will always have the possibility to implement corrections on your website quickly.

Updating the website content

Creating new subpages, menu items

Module development and integration

Creating and integrating design elements

Continuous updating of modules and content management system

Prices and offers

No commitments

27 EUR/ hour

For those who sign a contract, we will give you the opportunity to order the programming service only when you need it and only when you lack it.

Technical support

60 EUR/ month

We’ll maintain the site’s security, carry out regular technical support and devote up to 5 working hours per month to programming.

Best offer

Technical and software maintenance of the institution, not limited to the website. Regular visits and remote meetings.

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