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A way to create new forms of income

One public-sector bodies have been more involved in commerce than others, but all participate to some extent.

Where the commerce has been introduced, efficiency and accountability and transparency have increased.

Purchasing services electronically has improved interaction between service providers, service users, and citizens. It gave power and control back to citizens.

Based on your specific needs for e-commerce projects, we use only proven technical solutions. The more convenient the management and maintenance process developed, the more energy our customers can devote to growing their own business.

We work with the world’s leading platform – WooCommerce. Ease of management, extensive functionality, service integrations, and stunning digital design options. Add the competencies of our team, and commercial projects will become sensational.




Opportunities for the public sector

Private sector mainly uses e-commerce to trade and sell services. The public sector could charge fees for the value it creates – renting premises, organizing education or events, and souvenirs.


Opportunities to accept payments in different ways


Connecting and automating different systems


Our design experts will create your a commerce solution based on your institution’s products or services and optimize it for sales.

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