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All our clients are invited to our community, group to discuss and learn more privately. Plus they always are first who receive new solutions.

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Procurement questions

Contact us to discuss your specific situation. We have tried and tested many technical and legal approaches that can affect your current provider.

We can also offer a discount on our services to those switching from an unsatisfactory provider to us.

Solutions questions

Yes, our solutions are an open source, WordPress content management system, so your institution won't be obliged to buy services only from the developer.

We believe in and invest in building a relationship with the client, not trying to "tie them down".


Customers know what is valuable to them

We share our experiences of solutions that have worked and those that haven’t worked.

Hubertas Valbasas
Hubertas Valbasas

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Puikiai atnaujinta mūsų interneto svetainė, galiu drąsiai rekomenduoti kitoms Skuodo įstaigoms.

Jolita Janušonienė
Jolita Janušonienė

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Naujoji interneto svetainė atitinka mūsų kultūros centro sielą ir viziją. Dėkoju Jums.


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