Specialisation is the key to success

We choose budget and municipal institutions as partners

Visitors to your website are likely to be looking for something specific. How quickly they find what they are looking for is determined by the organization of your website.

Speed and clarity will shape their opinion and assessment of your institution, your district, and perhaps even more.


Website development

We create an online face for your institution that includes everything from news, event listings and announcements to the interactive solutions your users expect.

Specialised systems

Each institution is individual and its audience is unique. That's why we'll tailor the right tools for your institution and build the systems you need.

Accessibility for disabled people

We will adapt the website for the visually impaired, the hearing impaired and older people. For more detailed needs, we will not use components, but will clean up the site code according to WCAG requirements.

Website maintenance

Laws and documents are updated. Websites should also be updated to meet expectations and remain secure. We will do it soon.

Publicising activities

You create services and value for the city, for society, but is enough known about them? When we work with public sector professionals, we see their hard work and ambition.

„WordPress“ development

If your website is built with WordPress, one of the most popular content management systems, we'll improve and fine-tune it.

Committed to a service provider but want to change?

We will reimburse

We will upgrade your existing website, reimbursing any remaining payments to your existing provider as a discount to you.

Kompensacija iš Tobalt

Why work with us?

We will listen personally and individually to your expectations and, based on our 7+ years of experience working with public bodies, we will develop the best solution for you.

Modern tools

The most widely used tools and techniques in open source

7-step process

Simple, clear and targeted towards your goal

Training and support

Continuous sharing of experience


Customers know what is valuable to them

We share our experiences of solutions that have worked and those that haven’t worked.

Hubertas Valbasas
Hubertas Valbasas

Skuodo vandenys

Puikiai atnaujinta mūsų interneto svetainė, galiu drąsiai rekomenduoti kitoms Skuodo įstaigoms.

Jolita Janušonienė
Jolita Janušonienė

Kupiškio kultūros centras

Naujoji interneto svetainė atitinka mūsų kultūros centro sielą ir viziją. Dėkoju Jums.

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