Time booking system

Manage your stakeholder consultation intelligently. With this feature, staff and website visitors can coordinate the timing of a visit or online chat.

Mini websites

If you want to reach your target audience, it's easier to do it by creating content for a specific event or deadline than trying to fit everything into one single website.

Events platform

The Events platform is a new project of our team, where we have brought together the events of city libraries, cultural centers and other public institutions in one place. Public institution's creativity needs to be noticed.

Security & speed

Cyber security threats can lurk if we don't know if a website is secure. We will find and help you solve the security problems of websites of public sector bodies and associations.

Automatic voiceover

Users can not only read, but also listen to information about your institution's activities using artificial intelligence solutions.

Got ideas?

If you're facing challenges in your institution that you think could be solved by technology - contact us and we may be able to implement a solution for you for free.

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Decisions for each body

Completing forms

An interactive solution for online forms and surveys, allowing residents to easily submit all types of requests, e.g. permits, dog licences, water supply start-ups or shutdowns. Submitted forms are redirected to the relevant departments.

Critical messages and their publicity in the region

You can protect members of your community from localised natural disasters, keep them up to date with events in the region or publicise other important information.

By posting critical messages on your homepage and sharing them instantly on another page of your institution, this solution allows your content editor to explain the situation accurately and tell your community members what to do next.

Regional Directory

This solution is perfect for municipalities, chambers of commerce or any membership-based organisation. The system makes it easy to create and manage a directory of members or businesses that can be searched, evaluated, and communicated locally in one or more regions.

Non-technical staff can add, remove and categorise listings using a simple user interface.


An easy-to-use tool that improves usability and promotes the dissemination of information about events both inside and outside the institution. It ensures that activities, meetings are visible, visually appealing and information is easy to find.

The ability to insert recurring events saves time by allowing an event to be created once and repeated automatically. This is particularly useful in larger offices and city council meetings.

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Maps and routes

At Tobalt, we not only make it easy for visitors to navigate your website, but we also make it easier to find your region.
Specific buildings, parks, cycle paths, mass transit stations, nearby businesses, tourist attractions, parking lots, polling stations, etc. can be identified incredibly easily using familiar Google maps highlighted with pins.

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On the minutes and agendas pages, it is proposed to receive notifications by email so that interested citizens can sign up to receive automatic updates as soon as a new notice is published.

Staff cards

This solution allows you to create and manage a searchable personnel directory. This reduces the number of calls from residents wanting to identify a specific person they need to speak to. Non-technical staff can add, remove and categorise lists.

Requests from residents

This application allows customers, residents, participants, students or any visitor to the website to post requests online and monitor the organisation's response.

Users can sign up, create a login ID and password, then post a query which they can follow through to completion. The query tracker is ideal for any type of interactive communication where multiple individuals need to be able to post, track and resolve any type of query.


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Hubertas Valbasas

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